Meet Dr. Heinzen


Thomas Heinzen, PhD

Dr. Heinzen is professor emeritus from William Paterson University. His many peer-reviewed publications and several textbooks justify his recognition as a research fellow of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Association for Psychological Science (APS). He spent 30 years mentoring students who have themselves presented more than 60 research projects at peer-reviewed conferences. He also spent many hours talking with students about their careers and has presented more than a hundred career-based presentations.

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Personal Comment

As older students, my wife and I took a painful path through college while raising four children – who did not all go directly through college or graduate schools. The result? We sent college tuition directly or indirectly someplace for 33 years. Like most people, we have accumulated a few regrets in life. Paying for higher education is not one of them. 

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