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Hurry up! Slow down and think...

The pacing of First Term Survivor is just like college itself: Hurry up! Slow down and think... You can play many times to increase your Odds of Surviving (OoS) scores, but only if you SLOW DOWN AND THINK.

High School and First Year College Students (Parents/Guardians)

Your OoS is based on two scores

  1. Making good decisions
  2. Solving tricky word problems.

Students may be startled when comparing their OoS scores. Parents/Guardians: They may be wiser than you think!

Institutions -  Colleges and Universities

Institutions that purchase FTS to assist prospective and at-risk students can customize First Term Survivor based on

  1. The needs of their students
  2. The physical appearance of their campus

Institutions already know that it costs much more to recruit new replacement students than to keep existing students. See OTHER RESOURCES for information about how those costs are calculated across different types of institutions. 

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Students departing college prior to a degree is an old problem. The content of FTS is based on a review of college student retention research starting with the GI Bill that supported WW II veterans. However, the Odds of Surviving (OoS) scores have not been studied in controlled experiments and should be viewed only as rough estimates. See OTHER RESOURCES for specific data.

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